Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oh gosh.

Has it really been this long since I've posted? Literally? Four months?

I've found a new obsession, Tenth Avenue North and Switchfoot. And I love my guitar and my art. And I'm getting a tablet the 27th of March, so YAAAAY for that. That jazz.

Really I'm not going to go into anything deep because I have nothing to say, and I have no one following this blog except for Katharine and she doesn't count because she's my SON.

My SON, I tell you.
And I'm thinking of VLogging (?) SO INDECICIVE.

Fan art time.
I've drawn too little too much Mat and Finn. SO, I'm probably going to draw some Adam and Gemma from Pocket-Picasso, or maybe even some HOLLY from Kampofkohlrabi.

I dunno.

I'm gonna post this and eat some dinner,
I'm supposed to be working on a bunch of late work for math and Language, but I'm not.

And I'm supposed to be off the computer for a few weeks because of a giant avalanche of zeros on my schoolwork, but my mom doesn't bother to take away the laptop, so HA.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

This is Just the Beginning

I'm sort of going haywire at the moment- first of all because no one ever reads this blog and I really need followers. If you're reading this page and have momentarily fallen in love with my posts and I, please e Mail the blog address to your friends because I could DEFINITELY use the support. You can also Facebook share my posts, as well as Tweet it or Google Plus it. (What ever you call sharing on Google plus- I don't have an account.) I'm going to be pretty busy updating the site and getting some more followers so I can boost my support on a MAJOR THING that will be going on in December- so, spread the word about me. I'll be forever in your debt. And if you're an avid reader but don't have an account sign up, PLEASE. It really boosts up my statistics.
     Today's post is pretty short- sorry.
Fork :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Okay, I'm Really Bored

I definitely need to post something. I haven't posted something in three days. So yes, I exist. I'm thinking about stuff. Because my life stinks at the moment. Nah, I'm kidding. My life never stinks. Oh, wait. Yes it does. Sometimes, rarely.

I have a word of advice for you, just in case you decide to ever do this, NEVER EVER EVER eat salt right out of the box. My lips feel like rubber. Wrinkly rubber. And my mouth tingles. And I'm thirsty. Wait, wait... I had a title. Never mind, I lost it.

I like yard sales. I really really like yard sales. I mean, you can get all this useless crap that no one ever wants anymore. Sometimes you get something good like, -OOH! OOH! TODAY! I GOT STUFF TODAY! YES! I got a beret! Like, those french hat thingies! I got a purple one, and a red one. And they were like, a buck a piece. And when I put one on, it had a lases tag on it so I knew it had never been worn before, and the tag said FOURTEEN BUCKS! SO, I LIKE, GOT TWENTY EIGHT BUCKS WORTH OF STUFF FOR TWO DOLLARS.
      And then there was that day where I bought the harmonica. The 64 Hohner Chromonica. Suggested Retail: $150.00. I BOUGHT IT FOR THREE DOLLARS!! See, I love yard sales. They are the greatest things in America. Or Canada. Wherever you live.

McDonald's is gross.

I stink at violin.

I can't play sports.

I draw comics.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Okay, tomorrow, I PROMISE to have a better story. Because now my brain is dead. Blah.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Evolution Is Like...

Evolution. It's like, an art gallery with no artist names or credits. If you saw a painting with no name, you would ask...
     " Who did this?"
How shocking would it be if someone said, "It just happened."

So, here's a little conversation.
     *Man sees beautiful painting with no artist's name. He asks a staff member:* "Who did this beautiful work of art?"
     Staff: "Oh, no one. It just happened."
     Man: "That's impossible! Look at the detail! The strokes!"
     Staff: "The paint just fell on the canvas like that."
     Man: "Well, who threw the paint?"
     Staff: "No one. The paint and canvas appeared out of nowhere."
This. This is what evolution is. The detail of the world... From the little cells, molecules, dust, germs, everything that holds us together, our liver, our heart, our lungs, the process of breathing, how our blood carries the oxygen to the heart... The plants. The animals. Plant cells. The sky. Microscopic images. Everything. The earth's rotation around the sun, the perfect placement... The world is perfect in design. Find one fault. One unnecessary thing. Surely there is one problem, one tiny thing that went wrong. I mean, if you toss a bucket or legos in the air they aren't going to all fall into one perfect little castle. So, I don't see how evolutionists can look through a microscope and see a cell, and believe it just came to be. Just came to know just what to do, what to let in and what to not. How can they not have any doubt? It makes me laugh, of their sheer stupidity. This didn't all happen in chance, it all came perfect for survival, an ideal design for us. Just for us. From the air we breathe, the energy and heat we maintain, our knowledge... It had to have an intelligent creator. You can't throw clay in the air and expect Michelangelo's David to fall into place.

What about our bodies? If evolution was true, surely there would be some thing that branched out of cells that we don't need. Remove one thing from us and life is instantly more difficult. Look at our "prototypes." They have all sorts of weird things that the animal didn't need. No. It didn't all just happen.
Evolution. Is. A. Hilarious. Theory.

Aka, evolutionists are kicking themselves in the foot.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chewing Ice- Today's Notation From Air1's Brant

So you heard of my nerd glasses thing, right?

You didn't notice?
Oh well.

So Brant just came on. It was Ashton, he played Abandoned- and then BAM! Brant's here, talking about ice. Chewing Ice. He was talking about this last night, no lie. I just didn't post about it last night and have been sitting here thinking of posting it anyways. And he just gave me a perfectly good reason to.

So, Brant told me last night, that chewing ice is an addiction. I am addicted. He said he was, too. We have SO MUCH in COMMON. Not really, just the ice thing. He's an awesome dude though.


So, it's like, you become addicted to it. Because of some iron defficiency in your system, I think he said. And then he said he does it, and it's not unhealthy. Then he said:

"There's actually a website dedicated to this topic. It's called hhtp:// There's a community for everyone."

And then some song started up. And that's all I heard about THAT. Last night it made me in a very icy mood for ice. So I got ice and- chewed it. And today? When he talked about it again, I had to go and get a WHOLE NEW CUP!

Well, he just came on and said something about chewing ice and I have a good feeling it's going to become one of his daily hot topics like yesterday was the nerd glasses. As an update, "Ice chewing. It's like, an addiction. My mom told me to stop doing it, that it would make my teeth totally fall apart. Now I'm older and my teeth are totally falling apart."

So, is it good OR BAD? Facebook says: Nothing. Air 1's page says NADA.

Should I mention that Brant can't roll his "r"s either? Or do a cartwheel? MAN, we ARE SIMILAR! If I do a cartwheel I go... *flop*


Friday, September 16, 2011

Laminin: Fingerprints Of God


We are us. We have bodies. Our bodies live. We live by cells. Ect. I am a Christian, I believe in creation and that God made us.

So what is Laminin? It's a microscopic protein that holds our cells together.

So why is it so important?
Well, looking at the structure of our Laminin, the Laminin that is in us and keeps us alive, well, it has a pretty special design. It looks like a cross.


Pretty amazing, huh? What about the Fibonacci numbers? They create a perfect graph that maps perfectly onto thousand of creations of nature. God is everywhere, on everything.

What's Up With The Fake Glasses?

I was listening to my radio station a few minutes ago (89.1 FM, Knoxville, TN) when the evening host, Brant Hansen, questioned on the topic of fake nerd glasses. Personally, I love listening to him on the air because he's so... entertaining. Earlier he informed us of a shirt he got from Goodwill that had a Park Ranger patch on the arm. Apparently  he was told by his boss that the shirt was illegal or something because it could be "impersonating a law officer." To spare you from the thirty minute debate, turns out the shirt is perfectly legal when a law officer that was listening called in and told him it was fine. And now he's just provided us with the wondrous information that five out of ten husbands don't wear deodorant. And that if you don't wear it long enough, your body will adjust and not smell so bad, or something.      So that's what I listen to every day when I'm not at a violin or piano lesson, meeting, or a swim team practice.
     Currently, his topic is on the fake, plastic, nerd glasses that we have seen way too much of. "Why do people wear those?" He questions. Well, I don't really want to call in. But honestly, WHY? What's the POINT?
      The point is... nothing. Yep. Nothing. People wear them to look... cute? Nerdy? Intelligent? I want a pair. But I am the unlucky victim of glasses and I don't own a pair of contacts and probably wouldn't get a set to save my life. So those are currently out of the question. I have, mind you, bought two pairs of square, nerdy, sunglasses. They are always on top of my head and I like to slide them on at random occasions. I especially like my neon green ones with mirror lenses. My other pair is a pink situation with- you'll never guess- PLAID LENSES.
     So since I'm not a fake glasses wearer but a nerdy sunglasses wearer, I can provide you with my near-accurate opinion. First things first, I was introduced to these pieces of great fashion in my garage. I found an old pair on a shelf. And they were dusty. I became obsessed or something, because when we went to a water park a few weeks later I ran towards a stand and began- literally- drooling over these simple-minded wonders. That's how I got my green/neon yellow pair (And they're actually on my head as I type this!) So a week later, (Labor Day Weekend, FYI) I came with my friend (Actually 6 years and counting best friend) to the water park and bought those plaid things. I don't know where they are, actually. They're probably in my car somewhere but that's just a guess. The last time I saw them was before I left to go to Atlanta and I left them in the family van since we took my aunt's new car.
     Excuse me. I keep getting off topic. This is, in fact, my first blog post EVER. So, why, did I buy them? I LOVED THEM! They were HOT! I just LOVE the style, the frame! And, they're the only things that actually look good on my face besides rectangular rimless glasses. Anyways, besides the point. I just like the glasses! So, in reply to Brant's question, I say, PEOPLE JUST LIKE THEM! Actually, since I'm a glasses-wearer, I might just buy a pair and have my glasses place to add perscription lenses.

But, what do YOU think about them? Tell me in your comments below!

Top: LeighAnna in her neon green/yellow sunglasses
Bottom: LeighAnna in her pink plaid sunglasses